Mom’s Wisdom Wednesday: Express with Sincerity

“The value of an idea has nothing whatever to do with the sincerity of the man who expresses it. ”   — Oscar Wilde

We all have a message within that we are eager to express. Whenever we see an action as an injustice or someone wronged it touches us beyond what we saw to where we feel. Thus when we speak or act out to protect or defend, it comes from a place that is near and dear to us. Likewise it should be in all that we choose to speak and act on every day. When thoughts arise in our mind we should take time to weigh if the thought we are having comes from a place in our heart that is sincere. If it is we should put thought into how we choose to express such thoughts.

The thoughts that stem from a place of sincerity will find the words or actions that appropriately complement and convey them. Your genuine expression carries further and impacts greater. I cannot wait to see all the sincere expressions in love,, compassion, and grace. Marvelous Mom, you’re gonna do great! Sincerely, ~D.


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