Scars of Hope

Obtaining battle scars in life is a true sign that you are living and have lived. Some seem to be truly unavoidable while others seem pointless to have been. Although the battle may have been won the sign of the fight still is able to be seen. The scar may be noticeable and the story questioned. Does the scar REALLY mean that you have lost a battle? What if the story did not have to be one of tragedy, despair, and defeat? What if the scar is a reminder of triumph, lessons learned, and wisdom gained? 
You have a story to tell behind that scar and it is your point of view that will remain. Instead of a focus on the negative that may have taken place, take time to reflect on the positive gained. Tell about the knowledge and wisdom obtained through the pain. Allow what was meant for harm to be something of purpose and positive gain. Your scars are the signs of empowerment, hope, and salvation. 
Many, past and present, have and still carry marks from the doors they have assisted in opening, injustices they have fought and cured, and circumstances they have forever changed. Focus on the positive benefits that your battle has created. Tell the story as one of hope, gain, and advancement. Use the wisdom that you have gained as a light to empower others to also make it through the battle and win. The struggle has purpose to strengthen you and add wisdom to you through the situation. Embrace what is learned and use it to remind others that the scars are signs of the life you lived and the wisdom that you have gained. 

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