Mom’s Monday Motivation: Motivating Habits

Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going. ~Jim Ryun

You have an idea, you have a purpose, you have developed a plan, and you are inspired to great things! You have stepped out and began to take actions towards achieving the goal. Somewhere along the way obstacles that you did not factor have gotten in the way and the motivation that you began with begins to fade…  

The idea, the purpose, and the plan has not changed. They are all still positive and coupled to accomplish great things. Yet you are no longer feel the same inspiration that you began with and although it is greatness waiting to happen… it is simply waiting to happen. What happened??? 

Motivation, inspiration, and positive direction are all necessary for success in any area in life, yet they all must be coupled with consistency. They must become positive habits within. It will serve and assist on the pathway to obtaining the goal and producing great things. When putting the plan into place and taking action, include consistent motivating and inspiring factors to help not only begin yet to continue in seeing the goal through.  Motivating habits allows the motivation that got you started to continue to assist you in seeing the idea through to the goal.  

What motivating habits have you developed and how are they serving you in achieving your goals?  What motivating habits are you developing to keep you geared towards your success? This week identify what motivates you and which motivating factor deserves the attention and time to be developed as a motivating habit. You are doing great things and your motivating habits will assist you in doing even greater, over and over again! You’re looking marvelous Mom! 


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