Mom’s Wisdom Wednesday: Be ALL There

Wherever you are, be all there! -Jim Elliot 

Expecting a certain moment to take place in your life? Many with goals and visions are in expectation of things to come. Is it all envisioned? Are all the details in place and everything prepared? Seeking to have positive rewards and achievements from working and striving towards a goal is healthy. It deserves the power propelled through expectation of what is to become of the time, energy, and efforts put forth towards what is desired most.

It is wise to enter into those moments prepared to be there. Grabbing the opportunity and capitalizing in the moment by being present and aware of the possibilities of what is to come. This is where the true challenge comes… when what we envision happens, yet not in the way we envisioned it to do so. Have you planned every detail of the events to come? Are you only present and satisfied when things go exactly as planned? Traveling through the experience can bring enlightenment and unlike those who are inexperienced in your awesome shoes, you know that not all things went as you planned them to.

You are wise enough to know that you do not have to be robbed of the successful experience simply because things did not go the way you thought that they would. Your success is inevitable yet how it may happen has many possibilities. Continue preparing for the success and what it means for you. Let go of the precepts of how it may happen and be open to the experience of the moment when your successes will happen. Give yourself the gift of most importance, BE ALL THERE. Above all, truly enjoy every moment of the journey leading to each milestone and ultimately the goal. You don’t have to wait for a huge milestone to know that you have succeeded. Every moment is able to bring the opportunity you seek. Make each one amazing!

“Life’s moments are precious. Be present and be a gift. Aim to succeed in each moment. Only then can you experience genuine success in life.” ~D. Dorsey


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