Mom’s Wisdom Wednesday: Your SHIPS

“A SHIP is designed to take you places you need or desire to be….So if your friendSHIP, partnerSHIP, companionSHIP or relationSHIP isn’t taking you any where near your destination, abandonSHIP!” ~Unknown

SHIPS in life are able to take you places you never have been before. Making it possible for you to share experiences, learn new lessons, and encounter other options. Knowing who you desire to be and where you are aiming to go helps to determine the SHIPS that are just right for you.  

As you embark on a new year and new resolutions, take a moment all your own, to affirm your most important SHIP… the one with Yourself. Get into agreement within your mind and body to make certain that your destination is clear. Know where you desire to be and align your SHIP to focus on where you are going. Stay strong in your faith and allow it to fearlessly navigate you.  

Look upon the SHIPS that exist in your world. Treasure those that support you in who you are, where you are; also who and where you are endeavoring to be. Never be afraid to abandon a SHIP that you can not wholeheartedly serve upon or one that doesn’t take you where you need or desire to be. No worries, your moments will have you SHIP-shape in no time!  

Have a blessed New Year’s Eve!!! 

~D. Dorsey


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