Mom’s Monday Motivation: Experience Necessary

“Certain things in life simply have to be experienced and never explained. Love is such a thing.” – Paulo Coelho 

In all that we are able to experience, one of the greatest and difficult to describe is love. Giving or receiving its best described in the actions that it provokes. The perspective you give from the journey you have taken is needed in advancing our world. Your true perspective is the most accurate account and comes from the way that you have chosen to experience life in your world. We all go through life’s roller coaster yet our attitude and how we choose to deal with them is what life’s experiences are really all about. I guess it’s true that, “certain things in life have to be experienced.”

Your experience can only be explained by you. Sitting idle on the sidelines of your life, lessens the story you were born tell through action. Your participation in your world gives you the best view and the ultimate experience in life. Others will learn from your story and have an opportunity to see their world from a different point of view… YOURS!  “Love is such a thing!”


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