Mom’s Monday Motivation: Breathing Greatness

“…The fact that you are still alive is reason enough to believe that you are here for a purpose; and that purpose is to learn, to teach, and to GIVE.” – Thomas D. Willhite   


Yes! You are reading this! YOU ARE ALIVE!!! Your existence means that YOU are still ABLE to do great and amazing things with the breath that you have within you. If you determine to take actions that are solid and enduring then they will out live you. Not only will you do great and amazing things during your lifetime, others will benefit from your efforts of greatness long after your work is completed.  

In every area of life there is a moment for learning, a moment for teaching, and a moment for giving. Uncertain where you are? No worries! Breath in. Know that breath means that YOU are ALIVE!  What you already have within is valuable and can be built upon. What you are now learning is necessary and soon will prove helpful. What you take time to learn is what you can eventually teach. How you choose to give of yourself through your experience is the greatest gift you can ever give. Greatness in action is what building your legacy is all about. As long as you have breath, you can build and edify for the future. Your gifts, talents, and points of view are all needed. As you evolve and adapt to all that life has blessed you to encounter, you have also gained the experience necessary to succeed. Never doubt that the knowledge you need is near or that all that you seek is attainable. 

Take positive action towards your dream. Step out this week in your journey like only you can.

Be great and do wonderful things in that awesome way that you do!

I see you breathing on purpose! Learning, teaching, and giving greatness!!! 



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