Mom’s Monday Motivation: Patience… In All Things

“Have patience with all things, but, first of all with yourself.” -Saint Francis de Sales

So much to accomplish in the time allotted. Yet you did not arrive in this life knowing all that you needed to know or even how to implement all that you are now able to do. No doubt it has taken time for you to gain the knowledge and acquire the skills to implement your daily activity. And yes, each day ever since has brought even more opportunities to learn and build on those skills. One thing is certain, and has been proven through all that you have learned… YOU ARE ABLE!

May be you feel that you are lacking in a certain area or that current project that you have undertaken seems more of a task and challenge than the learning experience you were seeking? It’s certainly easy to give up and run towards more familiar tasks and actions. Yet if what you need to elevate to where you desire to be comes within this challenge, don’t give up! Just as you have done before, you will succeed again. Have the patience with yourself that you need to reach your goal. Take a moment to give yourself what you need most to succeed… personal grace. Have patience in whatever you need to do in becoming your personal best.

You are growing and getting better day by day. Focus on the progress! This week give yourself the greatest gifts… love yourself enough to grant grace in your situation and have patience in your process.


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