Mom’s Wisdom Wednesday: Willing to Risk?

“Trust because you are willing to accept the risk, not because it’s safe or certain.”–Anonymous

Are you willing to take the risk to trust?

Trust is confidence in and reliance on someone or something in our world. Having faith is important yet dependence on things outside of oneself is no easy task. This undertaking should not be held lightly and should have more consideration for the trust within your own ability and situation than that of whom or what you are placing trust in. Stepping out into the deep comes with risk and reward. Yet the rewards only come to those who dare to stare those uncertainties in the face.

Trusting does not need to be meaningless cautions thrown to the wind. They can be however the opportunities to smartly advance and overcome. When evaluating reasons to trust consider the personal risks that you are willing to take in such uncertain conditions. If you can trust yourself to get through the risks, benefit from the unsafe conditions, or recover from uncertain situations… than maybe, just, maybe it’s time to trust and accept the risk to gain the rewards.

Do not mistake the message! Your trust in any form is a precious commodity. Never release it lightly and always treasure it. Do not forget to demand entrusted others to do the same. Determine to win, no matter what the risk may bring, by risking only what you are willing to lose or what you are willing to work to recover. Trust yourself enough to accept the risks even in uncertainties.  Claim the rewards of trusting willingly and accepting the risks. Are you willing to take the risk to trust?


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