Mom’s Monday Motivation: You Are Alive!

“Run, leap and celebrate for you are alive today!”― Bryant McGill

So many ways to manage our lives yet only one way is best for each of us. No matter how diverse we may be in how we choose to live and conduct our affairs, one truth is clear. The most fulfilling way is with gratitude and celebration of the moments we are blessed to experience. Of course this means truly submitting ourselves present in all that we choose for our existence. Only then can we sincerely say that we have encountered greatness and achieved success in our world. I celebrate today because we are alive!!!

Affirm this week your state of living. Speak into your world! “I will RUN towards positive opportunity and empowerment. I will LEAP through fear and gloom. I will CELEBRATE the triumph and success. I run, leap and celebrate for in this moment I am live!”

Today… Display your personal gratitude. Show up. Be present. Pray your way through each moment. Love. Care. Empower. Run to opportunity, Leap through gloom, and Celebrate the success!


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