Moment 4 Mom Wisdom Wednesday

Mom’s Wisdom Wednesday: Plant Your Best

Planting your best seed increases the opportunities of a great harvest!

So it is with placing our best foot forward and ensuring that our efforts are no less than our best. I have never heard anyone say that they did not desire a bountiful harvest. Everyone wants great results form their personal efforts. All would like the opportunity to receive positive benefits from their plans, purposes and overall achievements.

Taking a moment to focus on what you really desire in the outcome and intentionally taking action in that direction will increase your success for the outcome intended. Having a goal and positive focus for what we want our future self to accomplish is so important and it all begins with the positive seeds that we plant today. Begin where ever you are. Take assessment of the seeds that you now possess because of the seeds you have sown in the past. It doesn’t take a huge seed or even a hand full of them. It only takes your best seed, sown with the best intentions in a positive direction.

The desired outcomes may not rapidly grow or immediately be available for harvesting. Yet having faith in the seed you have sown will allow for the confidence and staying power you need until the harvest is ripe! 

Never sow without positive purpose and never sow without your best seed. WOW! I am completely impressed by your determination to sow your best! You know what… I’m celebrating your bountiful harvest right now because I know that there is even greater yet to come! <<Clapping for your positive harvest>>


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