Mom’s Monday Motivation: Sincere Moments

You never know when what you do or even what you say can assist someone in pressing forth and being great.

It’s all about being sincere in word and deed. Expressing your self to another from a place of compassion with sincerity. There may be someone in your world seeking the sincere voice this week. It may even be you. Just as you would make an effort to take a moment to encourage someone else, I too want to take this moment to encourage you. Our time together is short and yes this is from a place of compassion and sincerity… so let’s go!

First… I know that you are great!!! And today I need you to know it too. Commit with wisdom today that no more will you play small or in the background of your own life production. You are the STAR! And this role was only designed for YOU! So what if you had to write the script and improvise a bit along the way!!! (Best kept secret… most of us did and still are)

Second… Never be unprepared for your role by showing up less than yourself. Inside you have all you need to succeed in this awesome production. Tap into it daily!

Lastly in this moment… I am grateful for the greatness that lies within you. I know that it has the power to change things for the positive. Not only for yourself… others too! Take time today to pay it forward by taking a sincere moment with someone to make a positive impact!

YES! I am so excited and anticipate seeing your greatness shining!!! Have an amazing week! ~Dea


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