Better You

There are always talks about how to be that BETTER YOU!  Just what does becoming that better you consist of.  You know when you think about what it takes to be better each day; would it surprise you to find out it probably won’t be those big huge, um, enormous, gigantic things that everyone often thinks will make you better.  It will be those small, little, tiny things that make the BETTER YOU!  Can I talk about it?

Take for instance being tired and worn out.  That often leads to you becoming that better YOU because once you get the rest that you need, you go harder than you have ever gone hard before.  Am I right about it?  Sometimes it is being tired that fuels you to get the adequate sleep that you need to be able to be better and greater.  Take for instance when it comes to your children.  Parents want their children to have the life they never did.  When you look at your seeds, you see their future.  You look back at yours and see everything you always wanted.  That look back pushes you to be better so they can have what they need to be GREAT!  Then they grow up and become parents and because of the BETTER you that you instilled in them, they can pass it on to their children.

Being better is simply looking at what you have in front of you and being able to add to it the necessary things in your life that keep you reaching for more.  It is never quite what it seems.  It is always those minor things that people often take for granted such as health that makes you better as a person and individual who was born for more.  So over the next few weeks or so think about the better you.  What are those things that you have yet to put in place that will allow you to become that much better as a person?  It might just be that thinking about this will cause you to apply it and then experience the betterment in yourself.  Try it!  I am eager to find out what you discover about yourself.



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