Back to You

Moms, how are you-all doing?  The end of the year is upon us.  The children just went Back to School, which means there is time for you to get Back to You.  What does your day consist of lately?  Hopefully, you have been able to use the time between answering the call of duty to take some much needed Back to You time.  It’s hard, you say.  I wonder just how much time a mother gets to herself on an average basis.

Motherhood is very active.  You all are the driving force behind running the household.  The many demands of managing the children’s activities, to daily responsibilities of chores and obligations around the house.  Then you have to add here and take away there.  It tends to be a bit stressful.  That is why the time that you take for yourself is so important for you as a mother.  You have to have it!!  By getting back to YOU, you are making room for more fun, creative times with the family.

How often do you really get to enjoy doing the things that you love because you might be too tired?  You mind is telling you YES, while your body is saying NO.  Clearly, most of your time is devoted to everything and everyone else.  It is okay for you to say, “You know, today I am going to…”  Start applying that to your day and see if that doesn’t spark something within you.  After all, you do it for everyone else.  Why not do the same for yourself?



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