Hello, my Moment4Mom family!!  What all has been taking place with you?  I am glad to be back to write today.  I see that you are looking at the title entitled, “Rest.”   You want us to rest?  That is exactly what I am saying.  I had the chance to talk to an amazing women the other day and as I listened to her talk about how she lives, I took a mental note.  I am about to share that with you.  This woman always has a renewed and refreshed glow to her.  Just like all of us, we are tackling so much all the time.  How do we go from tackling to really having that glow about us?  The glow that I am talking about is being able to tackle, live, and do it all without feeling bogged down.  Here is where I say, Rest is how you are going to be able to do this.

 Can I just get you for the next few moments to write down on a sheet of paper what all you physically, mentally, and emotionally carry with you on a daily basis?  Pay attention to this my Moment4Moms.  I know that you all carry many things with you.  You carry a heavy load.  It never stops.  It only seems to begin.  Every day has its own set of challenges.  Watch this.  As I took notes to the message that I received, it was clear to me that this scripture will allow you to feel vibrant daily.  “Cast your burden on the LORD, and He shall sustain you” (Psalm 55:22).  Psalm 55:22 teaches to lay it all down.  We must be light.  We don’t need to carry a heavy load.  It is only when we Let GO and Let GOD that He can do what we need.  We cannot do anything without Him.  

When we lay it all down–remember that we also have to ask God for help with this.  How many times have you said, God I give this to you, only to pick it up again–we have to ask God to help us with everything.  When we lay it all down, you will feel light.  You will have more peace.  You will get the best rest that you have ever had.  You are renewed and replenished.  You are glowing.  That is truly living the life we were intended to have.  Just lay it all down then go get you some rest.  I will see you back soon.  



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