I believe that it is very important to stop every once and a while and just celebrate the WINS that we have had.  We just keep going and going and going.  Can we take the next few moments and just celebrate the entrance and midpoint wins of 2014?  No one can possibly answer where time has gone because it has gone by so fast.  In the middle of us trying to finish out the year and catch our breath, we have to remind ourselves that it is okay to enjoy what we have achieved.  We should never lose sight on just how far we have come.  It is in doing so that will allow us to go that much farther.  

I want you to really look at everything that has happened this year.  Be absorbed in what all it took to be here.  Where did you start?  What did you accomplish?  Who did you meet along the way that further enhanced what you were hoping to achieve?  What did you change?  Share some of your experiences with others. That is also how we celebrate one another too.  There is no harm in being aware of the things that took place throughout the entire year for us to be getting ready for the 2014 Grand Finale (finish).

Can we all just take a moment and imagine what the next three months have in store for us?  What does that celebration look like?  Pour everything you have inside of you out to set the tone for what is up and coming.  Just take a break and enjoy where you have been, where you have gone and CELEBRATE where you are about to go.  

~ Chanz’e 


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