A mother will always see to it that her babies are taken care of.  It doesn’t matter how many miles away her child is, she will go see about that child.  I say, babies because age is irrelevant when it comes to a mother and her child.  You will never get too old for your mother.  God, thank you for all of our mothers.  They had to endure and do without so that we could be where we are today.

I am so inspired by moms.  They are cool as can be until you try to come mess with their child.  You have seen it.  You want to see a mom come unglued real quick, do something to her child. Mothers always offer great protection for what is theirs.  They won’t rest if their child is sick.  They will stay up all night if they have to, to comfort that child.  They feel their children’s hurts and pains.

They will tell you the honest truth no matter how made it hurts because in the end their human nature is always right.  They will go to the ends of the earth to make sure their children have the adequate and sufficient supplies of whatever they are in need of.  There is nothing like the protection of a mother.  She will always be there when you need her the most.  Everyone else make turn and walk away from you, but when you need someone to understand, a mother always will be there.  She will be that shoulder that you can cry on.      


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