I see that everybody has been busy working.  We are midway through the year and still we work!  I hope that you have been enjoying the content that has been brought to you by Moment4Mom.  There is something about taking the time to have a special moment that you can reflect on.  It is beautiful what just four minutes out of your day will do.  As much as you have been enjoying the content, I have really enjoyed writing to you.  There have been some weeks that have gone by since we last spoke, but I have something for you today.

Over the course of the last week, when I ran into a mother, I would ask them what is important to them.  Then I comprised my little list that I carried and all the responses I received led me to write this which you are reading right now!  Every response I got had something to do with, “If only I had more time to do the things that I really liked or enjoyed.”  When I probed further it was evident to me that what is important to a mother is being able to invest in herself.  After all, she does invest in EVERYBODY else.  That word investing is such a lovely word too, by the way.  We all have to invest in ourselves in order to grow.

The time is right for you to do just that.  Turn the, “If only”  into “I will.”  Like right now.  Whether it be going back to school to take a class, or doing something that suits you well; why not just–you read my mind.  Don’t say if, just say now.  Go invest in yourself.  There is all the time you need to do that once you actually start.  Go to the local library and check yourself out some books on your hobby and learn more.  You have my permission to plan a trip with your girlfriends and get away.  It is all about you!  

Mothers are always the first to give and the last to receive.  Why don’t you change that.  The importance of a mother to have some time where she reaps the benefits of her hard working labor starts with you.  So the next time we meet up, I want to know what you did to invest in yourself.  It might just be that you taking this time to focus on you, will allow you to uncover some hidden gifts that you never knew you had until you took the time to simply do what is important to you.       


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