So what was my week like?  It was very detailed.  I spent a lot of time this week just lost.  I mean it when I say that.  I stared and looked at things.  I am always looking at things different from my own set of lenses(eyes).  I watch everything. 

I see the squirrels run up the trees.  I see the leaves on trees fall to the ground.  I watch the sun rise and then set.  I take in the cloudy skies.  I see the cars whizzing by.  I see the wind blowing until you can barely stand to walk because the force is so strong.  I know that people are engaged in conversation.  I walk past the course that we take in life.  I recently had the chance to look at a map this week.  Have you looked at an atlas map real close?

It would be so cool if there was a way for a map to be able to let you feel the intricate details of the lines.  Just to be able to run your fingers across the course of travel.  Our lives are similar to that of maps.  Look at all the little lines that connect to bigger lines.  Our lives are on the course of the road that we are traveling. 

Can you imagine how many conversations that you have held over your life?  Think about the multiplication of those conversations.  You are everywhere.  All the miles you travel each day to get to your job.  That is what you call it.  I am just going to my job to work.  You are doing more than that.  You are on a course.  See when you start looking at your life more intimately things appear different.  I am not just living the day to day.  I am the day to day.  This is a serious travel we are on. 

The laughs and tears during the course.  The highs and the lows during the course.  The wins and losses during the course.  The relationships built during the course.  The chances of opportunities during the course.  The new perspectives set during the course.  The words that impacted our lives on this course.  The map of our lives with the gps to designate the course of life with way more detail then we could ever come to imagine.  Stay the course.  





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