Do you ever have those moments in life where it seems as if everything that you are doing appears as if it might have been done in vain?  I know that I can’t be the only one that has ever come against something like that.  I wanted to write about this because lately, I have been in conversations where this subject has come up and I want to touch on it.  I want to help out here.  You know, it is in the building process of our lives that we start taking a look at things for what they really are.  We are constantly working to get somewhere.  I found myself in a conversation the other day that led me here. 

The first thing to note here is life is not easy by any means.  If someone comes up to you and says they have never had any real issues, you will know that is the farthest thing from the truth.  We all have storms that are brewing in our lives.  Those storms go away and you may not see another storm until a couple of months down the road.  What do we do during the storm?  What are you doing after the storm subsides?  

I mean, what is the reason for the storm.  I think different from a lot of people.  I tend to think that if there is no storm, then I am not doing something right.  The storm allows us to be pushed.  It is like what the wind does to a boat.  It guides us closer to our destination.  That is why we have to keep on building upon the foundation that we have.  We should never forget the end result.   

The storms are not meant to harm us, although it feels like it at times.  The storms seem like they could take us out.  All the while though, it is providing us with strength so when the storm is finally over, we have gone that much farther.  It can be quite the challenge to keep building when all you want to do is just go sit down somewhere and let the storm pass and then go on. 

If we don’t learn how to build in the midst of what we are facing, we will never reach our destination.  We are going to be faced with all types of things that come our way.  We should find it in us after all that we have endured in our lives to look at the building blocks that got us to this point.  Let us never lose sight on the fact that we wouldn’t be able to build anything, if it weren’t for those storms. 

What would you have built, if it weren’t for the ripple effect of storms that brushed through our lives?  It is the trying times that allows us to flat out say to ourselves, I know what I am going through isn’t pleasant, but I am going to make it regardless.  I might not like how it feels, but I must continue to go on.  It in those moments that you are able to pick up where you are and go at it and go at it… 


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