As long as you are still standing each day there is a reason to keep giving it your all.  Despite our falls in life, we are still in good shape.  It is during those times that things seem to teeter totter back and forth that you embrace the steadiness.  Always turn around and just look. 

As long as you are able to see the ultimate range of where you are headed, you will get through it. It is in the falling down that makes the bouncing back that much more instrumental.  It is the motions that move us.  If we never experience bad, we don’t know how to take the good.  It isn’t always easy to take the highs and lows that life sends our way.  

Think about how that fall moves you to the next phase.  Was it really that bad after it is all over? The one thing that is a constant is the fact that trouble won’t last always.  Life is not easy.  It is rewarding though.  This goes for us all.  Those feelings of trying to understand can be confusing at times. 

In time, when you keep traveling up the road and everything settles then it makes sense.  It was never about just the fall.  It was about the coming up. It was for us to go through what we have gone through because there is someone else out there that is waiting for you to tell them the same thing I am telling you.  I had to go through this because over there someone else was going to need guidance to get through what they are facing over there.

Remain steady.  You will make it over the hurdle.  If you can get up from the fall and keep walking the uneasiness of life wasn’t all that bad to begin with.  Steady yourself.  Breath.  Your next level is here.  That is all the reason to smile. 


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