I believe the best friendly competition that anyone can have is with themselves.  We are all running our own race in life.  When we were young, we couldn’t quite wait to get older.  I know I said, “I can’t wait until I grow up.”  Then you finally do grow up and all you see is how everything around you has sped up.  Everyone was telling the truth when they said the older you get time flies.  Where does time go?  

Through each stage in our lives, we have passed the baton.  We are in a relay race.  Our life represents the race while our phases represent the relay.  A relay will always test your skills and character.  Our limits are tested for sure with every step that we take.  Each baton shows milestones of achievement.  Be your own motivation.  Don’t base who you are or where you in life on another individual.  Every life is important.  We have to finish our own relay.  Everything starts with you.   

Even failures and mistakes are batons.  It is through our hurts that we find out what we are really made of.  Are you going to quit because it didn’t turn out how you wanted or do you get up.  Everything combined together is what pushes us further.  The greatest batons that have been passed are the ones that taught us something.  The upsets that left us feeling that we wouldn’t be able to go on are the main ones that turn defeat into amazing comebacks.        


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