I am excited to be back with you.  I have the perfect subject to talk about today.  I guess, I can disclose to you that there is something about a dart board and a dart that is intriguing to me.  You know, I position myself and stand at the line.  I try to get my AIM just right to somehow make that dart go into the BULLSEYE.  Then my dart doesn’t even hit the board.  It falls to the ground.  Then I got it on the second one.  How can I have it on the second, when I didn’t even get it on the first?

Readjust.  I stand perfectly still.  I squint my right eye.  I switch to my left eye.  I take a breath.  Now this time with more force, I land somewhere on the board, but not quite…oh, here she goes again.  I shake it off.  The first one hit the ground.  I laugh it off.  Then the second one, I throw with more force.  This third throw, I am hitting my TARGET. 

I do like darts.  I have since I was a child watching my dad play on his dart board.  That little arrow has so much power when it hits the BULLSEYE.  That is how I go about life.  I may not get it the first time.  I might not even get relatively close on the second time.  But by that third time, I am taking what I learned from my hits that fell to the ground to my landing spot on the second and I am hitting my TARGET. 

You have to be fierce in life.  You have to just keep throwing until what you are throwing hits what you are going after.  Don’t stop if it doesn’t work the first time.  Never stop no matter what.  They might tell you it will never work.  Don’t stop there.  You know it is going to work.  Just turn around and keep going.  Then you come to the next one and they will say, well, you have a great idea but this is not what we are quite looking for.  Thank you for giving me your best.  Turn around and keep going.  Here we are.  You have a great idea, you were just what we were looking for.  BULLLLLLLSSSSSEYE. 

Now what would have happened if you would have just let that first throw just lay on the ground without going to go pick it up and then landing somewhere on the dartboard before you hit your TARGET?  Now get to aiming.  Reposition yourself with more focus. Now with more force throw.  Did you hit your TARGET?      


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