I went down the main aisle of the grocery store.  I saw little cute toddlers hung tight close to their mothers’ side.  Then directly in front of me a mother with a new infant in one of those awesome baby carriers that was snug so tight as she shopped for vegetables.  There I was in the middle of a busy store with just mothers all around.  Then we started getting into the infants being curious as to what was going on around them and touching different things. I started thinking to myself.  The endurance of a mother.  Endurance requires being replenished.

 I just wanted to go around the store and take all the mothers by the hand and say FOLLOW ME.  I could have asked each of them if I could take over for you right now and give you the rest of the day to enjoy yourself what would you do.  I bet you all of them would have gotten excited and said.  Let me just get a little rest.  That is why on this writing venture today,  I want you to do just that.  Take the rest of the day off.  You might ask me, “Chanz’e, do you know what you just said?”  Yes, I do.  What I really mean is replenish yourself.

It is in the replenishing of our mind, body, and soul that you are able to get back out there and build upon that endurance.  Now, I know taking the rest of the day off might not be possible for some but that is okay.  What about in those moments when it is quiet and you do have some time to catch your breath.  What do those moment look like?  Just take some time and free yourself of stress and strain.

Needless to say, after I finished what I had come in the store to do, I left and I looked once again at all the mothers finishing up their tasks.  The difference being replenished makes in the lives of mothers who understand what being a mother is truly all about and the fact that their presence alone contributes to the well-being of the family and their own replenishment.  What a difference revitalized mothers make!  


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