I love the sound of musical instruments.  I would begin to list all the instruments that I love, but then you would have to pause this and come back because there would be another blog post.  I will just mention a few of the instruments and then bring it all back together again.  I especially enjoy that organ.  Oh, yes.  You can lose your mind about 50 times with the sound of that organ in your ear. Then next on my list, I enjoy the violin.  The thought of rosining the bow and then playing that string.  Every instrument plays its part. 

You know the melody of the sound operating on one accord is really music to one’s ear. This is how the people we surround ourselves with should be operating.  This life is about everybody working together to achieve the common goal.  What is the sound that is coming from the people you surround yourself with?  We must have harmony.

Everyone has to be playing their instrument with precision and complement each other.  We all need each other.  Remember look for the harmony amongst people.  Conjoin yourself with others that are going to produce a distinct sound that is going to benefit all parties involved.  Ensure the chord you are playing in is more we and less of anything else.


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