Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you were in so much pain and just wanted somebody to understand? You tell one person and you ended up feeling ten times worse. I raise my hand because I have been there more than once in life. What was it that I was searching for? During those times, I just wanted a listening ear.

Can you recount the many times that you were faced with something that had you struggling to gain the strength to stand back up after being knocked down. Then little by little, you started to bounce back. Then you got knocked back down again.  You found your way back up.  Did you find yourself raising your hands in the air and rejoicing? The most challenging thing in life is to rejoice when we are knocked all around. Knocked down to the ground, but rejoice. Faced with setbacks, but rejoice. Been devastated, but still rejoice. You want me to rejoice?

Yes. We must not dwell on the adversities so much that we forget that we are alive. We have to focus on the fact that we still stand.  We rejoice because we understand that trouble doesn’t last always.  We rejoice because we know where we are going is far greater than where we have been.  We rejoice because we knew that those hurts and pains were meant to equip us for the glory days.

After you read this, pause for a few minutes and just rejoice. Rejoice because you made it this far. Rejoice because where you are headed, you are prepared. Rejoice because you are still standing.  If for no other reason at all that you took the time to read this rejoice because you are alive to see yet another day to reach and touch someone else who might be knocked down.  Grab their hand and pull them up and show them how to rejoice. 


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