Everyone who knows me, understands that I am a huge fan of the great sport of boxing.  I  know what you are thinking.  Chanz’e, a fan of boxing?  No, way.  Yes, way!  I am though.  It’s okay, we call all laugh together.  It isn’t necessarily the fight in itself that I enjoy watching, as much as all the HYPE that comes with who is going to get in the ring and face each other.  It is the leading up to the fight that I enjoy.  You know everyone has their eye on this boxer vs that boxer.  You get my drift.

There are months of preparation and training.  I have studied the boxing footage.  It is physical and mental all at the same time.  You have seen the Rocky movies.  All the talks of inspiration before, during and after the fight.  Isn’t that what life is?  Aren’t you getting in the ring everyday to accomplish something.  We don’t wake up to do nothing.  We wake up to go after what we want.  How do we do this.  It is just like the great quote from the great Ali.  “He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.”  ~ Muhammad Ali

Either we are going to plunge straight ahead or not.  If we are ever going to arrive where we are ultimately suppose to be, we have to put it all on the line.  We are going to have to work for it.  We are going to have to strive for it.  We have to do the foot work like a boxer to come out on top.  We might have to sacrifice for it.  We will sometimes have to cry for it.  At the end of it all, it will be the ones that just go after what they seek that will accomplish everything.  

Start out everyday with those gloves on and start jabbing at that dream.  Then when those jabs aren’t enough, then go in for the combination. Go at it with a series of power punches continually with the left jab, straight right and then add the left hook.  I will see you in the ring of life.  I have mastered the combination.  I am working on my counterpunch.       



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