Life Equation…

EquationIf a person walked up to you and handed you a scrap sheet of paper and asked you to write your life equation; what would yours look like?  This person you had never met before.  This person wanted to know how to get from A to B.  Suppose what you wrote would be the thing that pushed them forward or allowed them to remain where they currently were.  What would you write on that sheet of paper that would help them?

Now, imagine the person that walked up to you was the younger version of yourself.  Write your life equation to the younger you and hand the scrap sheet of paper back.  Does the equation that you wrote match up to the previous A that took you to the B?  It helps to backtrack how we have gotten to where we are.  The importance of this was to allow you to see growth.  Were both of your life equations the exact same, whether it was a random person or the younger version of yourself?  If there was a slight difference; what was it?

I did the exercise myself because it is important to know where you once started and where you are ultimately going to wind up.  By following the master plan, we will surely get there.  The same plan can be used to direct others as well as ourselves. I included my life equation for you here.  My life equation has always been Jesus+God=Prosperity.  The same equation at the beginning of my life is still in place today.  What does your life equation say about you?


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