HarvestWhat an amazing season thus far.  It just felt like we had just entered into 2014.  Here we are getting ready for April to be here.  I know, I can’t be the only one that is saying this is a swift season.  Things are just happening.

We are speaking.  We are believing.  I think of this time as, if you can speak it, you can walk into it season.  I know many are experiencing the same.

I wanted to take the time out on this post to share with you that we must be awakened in our spirits to a high level of awareness of what is taking place.  This is no ordinary season.  It is an OPEN HEAVEN season.  Do you know what that means?  When you are in an open heaven season, blessings that were stored up for you are RELEASED.  Blessings are falling.

I am bringing awareness to the facts that harvest season is here.  Your in due time SEASON has arrived.  Everything you have been believing and trusting God for is being brought to you.  Are you enjoying receiving what you have sown?



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