Progress /prägrəs,ˈprägˌres,ˈprōˌgres/… from Latin progressus which means ‘an advance’, also from the verb progredi which means pro= ‘forward’ + gradi = ‘to walk.’

In other words… in order to progress we must first take action toward the goal. There may be mis-takes along the way yet each one offers a lesson, that if learned and applied, will put us closer to our goal. Therefore even in our mis-takes progress is able to happen. First know the outcome in which you seek. Second take action to accomplish that outcome. Third resolve to learn from any mis-takes and apply the lesson for progression.

Affirm yourself today: Today I am one step closer to my goal. I choose to take positive action towards my goal and to see the progress in every step. I am willing and able to learn the lesson from any mis-takes that may happen along the way. Despite possible opposition I boldly step towards my awesome future!


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