Your Beloved

The time we are afforded to spend with the ones we love and care for most is very precious. In today’s fast paced world the amount of quality time may be limited. It is all the more reason to make it the most positive experience that we possibly can. Most times the ones that we are the closest to usually get the worst as well as the best of us. Make it a point to ensure that the majority of time spent with the ones you love, is an experience in receiving the best of you and ones of you seeing the best in them. The way to ensure you are giving your best to the ones you love most is by investing in self-love, self-care, and self-preservation.

While the time we receive with those we love and care for most is very precious… the time we take to care for ourselves mentally, physically, and emotionally is crucial.

Taking time… alone for thought and reflection, for personal grooming, health and activity, to feel and acknowledge our humanity, and for peace giving one on one time to tap into our Source of existence, whatever that may be for you.


All of this ultimately predicts the manner and ability, to handle the relationships that we hold with others. Especially, the ones we love and need most. In a month renown for expressing our love for others, make sure to show the V.I.P.’s  in your life how much you love them by openly loving yourself first. Anyone who is anyone in your life… will definitely appreciate the benefits of being in the company of a loved, empowered, peaceful, and happy YOU! Be Your 1st Beloved


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