My child thinks I am old…

My child insinuated that I am old… Well, when your child says something to you like, “mom back in your day”. All I can do is laugh; back in my day? Really?! What age do they think I am? I was asked; how did I make phone calls before cell phones were invented? Well, yes when I think about I sure was around before cell phones and to my child’s generation a time without cell phones and computers is like the dinosaur ages is to us… Reflection moment!!! Okay, so there are a few grays in my hair, but it is wisdom; LOL… My day is still today; I am still fly… Yup, I just used the word fly so that probably proves their point… In my opinion “Old School” never goes out of style, it is even incorporated in “New School” today… Well maybe not all “old school”, pay phones, beepers, cassette tapes, and Walkman’s have definitely been replaced… However, fashion keep revolving, and music or now days the beats are being re used. I embrace my “old school” and wouldn’t trade what it has taught me for nothing, one day our children will be considered “old school” as well, it all comes full circle… Has your child ever called you old or insinuated that you were old? What did they say? Let’s blog about it and giggle at some of the things our lovely children say. Remember a giggle a day can help keep the stress away…


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