Make It Count

Make It Count

Make It Count

In life there are a series of moments that create the day. While we are not able to control every aspect of everyday, there are many opportunities to infuse the day with positive purpose. How we begin our day is as important as how we spend it and how we end it. EVERY day deserves our undivided attention of infusing details that empower us and those around us. Of course to accomplish this there requires a recipe for success… don’t worry… you have the time, tools, and ingredients to make it happen!!! Recipe for Positively Infusing Your Day
  •  a bit of PLANNING: know your daily routine (where, when, & why’s of the day… this will help you identify possible triggers and prepare)
  •  a dash of FOCUS (remember what your positive focus brings to you and why it is sooo important)
  • an ounce of COURAGE (no fear when it comes to positively infusing your day. When it comes to the negatives…walk away from what you are able and avoid what is unnecessary)
  • a little REMINDER (Carry a small reminder that encourages you to remain positive. Something that you can see or feel that reminds you that all is well)
  • a pinch of PRUNING: at the end of the day, to be sure to leave all the negativity outside of your home (protect your home, it is where your positive and peace should reside).

 This recipe may require a bit of tweaking on your part… a few more dashes or pinches here and there. Nevertheless with practice you’re sure to reach your perfect personal recipe for                Positively Infusing Your Day with success! 


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