ImageI missed you all.  I brought you a rose.  I sat thinking last night about the word mother.  So many thoughts came to mind.  I mean the first to rise in the morning.  The last to rest at night.  Always putting everyone else first.  Always giving so much of your time.  The name constantly being called on day in and day out to oversee everything.

As much as you do, it is time for you to ASK for what you WANT.  I know you see that word ASK.  Think about it.  Mom, I am hungry.  Can you please take me to my friend’s house?

Mom, Mom and more MOM.  So now, it is time for you to do the same.  ASK.  Ask and receive that your joy may be full.  Such a beautiful passage of scripture.  It is all about YOU.

Could it be a walk in the park to just set your mind at ease?  What about a SPA day?  Oh yeah, let’s not forget about a mani-pedi.  So go ahead and just start ASKING.  You deserve it all.  Your new word is ASK.  Use it and receive all the joy that your heart desires.  I will be back soon to check in on you.


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