Take Your Moments!

Hello Marvelous Moms,

Welcome to the Moment 4 Mom Blog!!! Its purpose is to inspire, educate, inform, and empower MOM!

I am Dea Dorsey… founder of Enjoy Being A Mom and the Moment 4 Mom Movement…  Serving many roles and purposes in this journey of life requires understanding two things… 1) You are at the center of each scenario in the role you occupy, and  2) that in those roles you choose in life, you must take the MOMENTS necessary to continue in the journey with strength, health, and success.

There are many roads to personal edification. Yours is as unique as you are. Determine to empower yourself daily in your own unique way. There are no cookie-cutter molds in motherhood… Be You, rather you bake ’em or buy ’em, it’s up to you… as long as you remember to Enjoy the Journey, Moment by Moment!!! 

The Beautiful Bloggers of Moment 4 Mom seek to inspire through resources, information, encouragement, and more in every moment you choose to share here… in efforts to empower you in your uniqueness. It’s your moment… make it count! Thank you for stopping by. I look forward to empowering your journey, ~D. Dorsey


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