So excited…

I am so excited to meet all the amazing mothers out there.  My name is Chanz’e Marie Witcher.  That apostrophe is a very valuable part of my name.  It allows the “e,” to be accented so that you can say Chanz’eeeeeeeeee.  It’s okay.  You can laugh all you want.

About me.  Well, I am from Dallas, Texas.  I was born and raised here in the Lone Star State .  Yes.  I am a huge COWBOYS fan.  I am the second oldest child out of nine children.  Yes.  You are reading correctly.  I have one brother and seven lovely sisters.  Don’t feel sorry for my brother.  He is good.  Oh yeah, my father, he is well too.

I am Simply Chanz’e.  I am an author.  I am also a entrepreneur and visionary.  I absolutely love people.  I enjoy reading tons of books.  I am in love with writing.  Whew!

I am here to ensure that your days are filled with JOY.  I know that I will make you laugh.  I will also pour into you.  I am here to keep you uplifted and spiritually supercharged.  So that concluded a little about me.

I just want to say, I am so glad to be sharing in these beautiful Moment 4 Mom minutes with you.  I look forward to my next exchange with you very soon.  It was nice meeting you!


One thought on “So excited…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much Chanz’ eeeeeeeeeee for inviting me to be a part of Moments 4 Mom. I knew when I opened up this blog that I would love being a part of something beautiful, spiritually lifted, and mind shaping. Being a Mom is the best gift I’ve ever received. But even better is entertaining the thought that one day all my children would grow up and that it we be just my husband and me sharing quality time alone again. I could go on, but I am going to stop right here. I will be back.


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