A giggle a day…

Hello to all of my beautiful Mothers. Every mother is beautiful; although we all share the common bond of motherhood we are all unique in our own way. My name is Serena D.; I am a Mother, a Daughter, a Friend, a Sister, a Writer, an Auntie, a God Mommy, an Entrepreneur, and much more… I believe that moms, although we play a serious and vital role deserve a “breath of fresh air”; and I am so excited to share “breaths of fresh air” moments and learn about yours. One of my “breaths of fresh air” is laughter, I love to laugh. According to Women’s Health Magazine, laughter is just as important as exercise and it helps with creativity, productivity, can lower blood pressure and builds brain cells. I understand how it can be hard to have a sense of humor when your child just wrote the whole alphabet on your walls, or your boss at work is worse than a cavity, and I am sure you can think of a few situations… Who would have guessed that a simple giggle can boost so many things within one self and turn that long moment or long day into peace? So now we can declare; it is okay to laugh!!! I look forward helping you find that giggle moment in your day and hope you allow me to giggle with you.

Remember, a giggle a day can help melt some of the stress away…

The Health Benefits of Laughter: January 30, 2007 Dan Ferber http://www.womenshealthmag.com/you-and-improved/health-benefits-of-laughing


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